Ms. Leslie Spoor, President and founder of Concierge Business Solutions® has worked in Corporate America since 1975. Nearly thirty of those years were spent in Aerospace and Defense manufacturing where she held increasing levels of responsibility including NASA certified Inspector, Production Planner, Planning Supervisor, Materials Manager and Director of Operations.

The last ten of those 30 years were spent as a Consultant, traveling around the country and internationally helping Aerospace and Defense companies. Through business analysis and her experience, Ms. Spoor helped companies select an appropriate business operating software, guiding them in configuration and implementation, doing process engineering, training people to use both the new system and new processes, writing technical specs for reporting tools and instituting metrics programs.

Ms. Spoor is a process improvement specialist, helping companies improve efficiency and profitability via "as is" and "should be" process mapping, business analysis and the creation of action plans, education and training.

As a Consultant she held titles of Production Supervisor, Project Manager and Vice President of Operations in her clients' companies. Her responsibilities included budgets, schedules, risk mitigation, client interface, new business development, negotiating scope and deliverables, creating Statements of Work and Proposals, negotiating cost and delivery and insuring that all tasks were completed on time and under budget. At any given time, Ms. Spoor led multi-million dollar projects with teams from 2 to 50 people both domestically and on two other continents.

While she has worked in companies with up to 1500 employees, Ms. Spoor prefers the small business with 200 or less (or ideally 50 or less) employees. The most enjoyable part of her consulting career was the ability to "make a difference" for these companies. This difference may be financial (by implementing cost saving methods and processes) or in the quality of the employees' work life (through improved processes or reporting tools).

Ms. Spoor enjoyed her consulting job for ten years, but eventually felt compelled to start a business that would improve life for others in a larger way. In Oct 2006, she began Executive Errands®, a Lifestyle Management company, and during the startup phase did both jobs. Then, in August 2007, she left the consulting job to focus on Executive Errands® full time.

Ms. Spoor quickly realized that the amount of admin required to properly manage a service business was overwhelming and difficult to control from a quality aspect, so she set out to create a software program to automate all data collection. This software was first implemented in Sept 2007 and has been enhanced over the years to automate and/or reduce non-billable activities to nearly zero admin time, which vastly increases overall revenue.

Then, in 2011 and in response to an industry-wide demand for a cost effective and easy to use data management solution, Concierge Business Solutions® was created by Ms. Spoor to market her software, now called Concierge Business Solutions Essential Elements™.

Concierge Business Solutions® also offers consulting support for procedural, process engineering and other business-related concerns as well as education and training.

Concierge Business Solutions® offers not only the Concierge Business Solutions Essential Elements™ software system, but all the manner of Lifestyle Management forms, documents, contracts, policies and procedures. This documentation is available for purchase so other companies do not have to "reinvent the wheel". View these documents here

As it turns out, this is where Ms. Spoor's passion is grounded. Consulting for small businesses gives her great joy! And it doesn't matter what industry needs help. Check out our Case Studies for more information. Concierge Business Solutions® can help your company too! Contact us today!

Our Credentials:

  • ● Since 2006, built and operating a highly successful Lifestyle Management & Concierge Services company in Southern California, USA
  • ● Ten years doing business and operations management consulting in the Aerospace industry all across the USA
  • ● 'Train the Trainer' facilitator
  • ● Taught 2 1/2 years of Operations Management continuing education at California State University (Northridge)
  • ● Business Process Efficiency & Metrics Measurement Expert
  • ● Certified Concierge Specialist
  • ● Certified in Supervision Management
  • ● Certified at the Fellow level in Operations Management
  • ● California Licensed General B Contractor, License 944447
  • ● 36 industry-related articles published