b'Attention! Business Owners and Entrepreneurs: Attention! Business Owners and Entrepreneurs: Have you found yourself waking up at 4 am (or earlier) because yourenot sure what the next step is to grow your business?And then throughout the day you feel like yourespinning your wheels, causing you to second guess every action!?Youeven in those quiet timesknow some of the things youre doing arenot getting you closer to your dreams, but rather, just keeping you busy.If this sounds like you, or youve had similar, what do I do next? thoughts,then keep reading, because this is what inspired me to createafter almost 4 decades of solving these very problems for businesses all overthe countrya step-by-step program to help you stop wasting time, andget a better nights sleep.(If youre sleeping well at night and your business is o the hook, you canstop reading now.) Otherwise, turn the page to discover how you can growyour concierge/lifestyle businessand sleep better every night, too.'