b'Best Practices training to create an easy-to-use set oftools that will increase your productivity, captureall relevant data, and provide full trans-parency to your clientsall with noextra eort on your part and while turn-ing most of your non-billable administra-tive eorts into billable time!In just 6 short weeks of live training, youll learnhowtobecomeExceptional Wellhelpyouidentifytheexceptionsthatneedtrackinginorder to monitor the health and growth of yourbusiness so that it takes only a few minutes aday to verify you are on track. Well evaluate and help you streamline your existingbusiness processes including how to simplify bothyour billing and collection process so you dont haveto chase client payments. Well share valuable mar-keting and networking techniques along with thegoals you need to achieve your overall vision and long-term objectives for yourConcierge & Lifestyle Management company!Most importantly, all training is tailored to your specic niche within theConcierge & Lifestyle Management industry.Well take into consideration your ideal client, your vendor support, the types ofservices you provide and how you like to operate your business.At the end of 6 weeks, not only will you be automatedand managing by exception, youll be more ecient,more eective in your time management and haveasolidpitchforyournewbusiness opportunities.What could be better than that?'