b'Heres everything you get in the Exceptional MethodEssential Elements Data Collection Software and Industry Best Practices Program 6 weeks of training and education @ 1.5 hrs per weekWeek 1-3 Review of existing processes, industry best practicesand streamline of your proceduresthis includes: What does your business look like in the future? and how to turnthat vision into reality How to increase your revenue streamsIdentication of the Exceptions in your business that allow you toidentify trends, issues and successes quicklyall of which saveyou massive amounts of time (and let you sleep at night) Week 4-5 Software training policies and procedures/documents Week 6train on database Essential Elements data collections system*Mentoring for an additional 12 weeks, thirty minutes per month 15 Tips Booklets Six months of free access to the Center for Concierge BusinessEducationIf purchased separately, these tools would cost $4399!We want you to be ecient in your business, so you may have this entirepackage for just one down payment of $500 and two (2) payments of$1000 each (total of $2500)Or, you can make a one-time payment of $1999.Either way you save 40%-50% over piecemealing your personal and business growth.CLICK HERE TO JOIN!START GROWING YOUR EXCEPTIONALLIFESTYLE BUSINESS TODAY!'