This is a subject about which we here at Concierge Business Solutions® are especially passionate. We believe in a ‘management by exception’ philosophy. This philosophy is drawn from Vilfredo Paredo’s 80/20 theory. In the case of entrepreneurship, 80% of your problems exist in 20% of what you do.

This means that you only need to focus your time on the 20% of your business that can be improved. And by doing so, you will realize the most ‘bang for your buck’ (or time). That’s what management by exception means. Why look at EVERYTHING when you only need to look at the 20%? Do you know how much time that can save you?

To identify the 20% of any process issue, you need reporting tools. And these reporting tools should automatically filter down your data so you are only looking at the items, processes, tasks or data that needs to be improved, addressed or acted upon. That way you are being efficient.

Our staff has the unique ability to not only determine what types of reporting tools will best benefit your company, but to create the technical specs that can make those tools a reality. All too often people’s views are limited. They don’t understand that software can do anything. So let us know – if you could have anything you wanted to make your work easier…….. what would it be?

Let Concierge Business Solutions® get a management by exception philosophy instituted at your company and let us help you identify and create (or spec) the reporting tools you need to improve efficiencies that will save you and your staff time that could be better spent on income-producing activities. Schedule a consultation today!