Consulting Options

When you first start a Concierge business and often even after you've been in business for awhile, there are always so many questions:

  • What types of services should I offer?
  • What type of clients should I market to?
  • How do I answer client objections?
  • What are the best networking avenues?
  • What type of advertising works best?
  • How can I effectively market my company?
  • How do I build a trustworthy service provider network?
  • If I do a newsletter, what format, content and frequency work best?
  • How do I brand my company?
  • How do I overcome a fear of public speaking?
  • We offer so much, how can I boil that down into an effective 30 second pitch?
  • What brochure formats work best?

These are just a few of the questions we, as entrepreneurs face. Concierge Business Solutions offers you business consulting services by email, phone and in person. Our ten years of consulting in business process reengineering plus our five years of experience in the Concierge industry allows us to help you with real world, proven techniques and solutions.

We will give you the key tools and answers that should help your concierge business grow within your own community and for your business model.

For more information about our Concierge Business Solutions consulting services, please contact us.