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Executive Errands
Executive Errands

Q: Who needs a Personal Concierge?

A: Everyone who needs help organizing their lives and wants to have more free time for their family, themselves or their community.

Q: What are Concierge Services?

A: Like Personal Assistance services, our Concierge services are defined as individual services for clients who need assistance managing their professional, personal or social commitments. These services include reservations, reminder services, personal shopping, date scheduling and management, prescription pickups/drop-offs, wait services, grocery shopping, daily needs, secretarial support……any type of errands or labor-related services. We pride ourselves on being able to provide services for everything from the routine to the remarkable. These services are provided by the hour and are measured and billed in 15 minute increments.

Q: What kinds of Concierge Programs are available?

A: We offer a variety of Concierge Programs including:
  • Non-Member Services - for a one time service or the occasional service, we offer support based on an hourly fee. There is a one hour minimum. In communities where we have a pre-negotiated rate, the client receives the lower hourly rate without paying a subscription fee.
  • Monthly Services - Executive Errands offers monthly service packages that are best for clients who are part time homeowners or who plan to use us on a regular basis. Each package includes a dedicated, Personal Concierge who will take over chores or activities delegated by the subscriber. This is basically a ‘put us on retainer’ program. You agree to a minimum number of hours per month. Subscribers on monthly packages pay a minimal yearly subscription fee, and then receive a sliding scale of hourly rates. The scale is dependent on the minimum monthly hour commitment. Hours on these plans do not roll over.
  • Bulk Services - For clients who want to use us monthly or on a regular basis but who don’t want to commit to a monthly minimum amount of hours, we offer a 'bulk' program wherein you buy 4 hours at a non-member rate. These four hours are 'deposited' into an online account and we charge time against the account as used. When the bulk account gets down to a half hour or less, we automatically refill the account using the credit card we have on file. Note: In communities where we have a pre-negotiated rate, the client receives the lower hourly rate. Hours on these plans stay valid until they are used.
  • Corporate Services - We offer a variety of service plan options for businesses who wish to either subsidize or sponsor a Concierge program for their employees. Each program is designed specifically for a given company. For more information or to request a proposal for Corporate Services, please contact us.
  • Lobby Services - Like Corporate Services, Executive Errands offers onsite full time support for commercial buildings and tenants. Each program is designed specifically for a given building. For more information or to request a proposal for Lobby Services, please contact us.
  • Vacation Services - Executive Errands offers a special package for visitors to our beautiful desert. Available online, vacationers can purchase a four (4) hour package for $200. This package may be used for Concierge services only and may not be applied toward any One-At-a-Time services. Sample uses for this package include stocking the refrigerator of your rental property or hotel room before arrival, providing special occasion errands, picking up last minute forgotten items, etc. Like all our packages, the costs of supplies or incidentals are billed separately and as incurred.
  • Country Club or Managed Communities - Usually approved through the Home Owners Association (HOA) Board of Directors, Executive Errands ‘gives’ Concierge service to individual country club and/or managed communities in exchange for promotion as a community amenity. There is no admin or cost to the HOA and our services may be private labeled in the community if the Board desires. All interactions with homeowners and fee collections are done between Executive Errands and the homeowner. Adding Concierge services as an amenity in a managed community is a wonderful way to enhance the perception of value for assessments without adding cost or administration. For more information or to request a proposal for this program, please contact us.

Q: How does a Personal Concierge service work?

A: Simple. You make a 'to do' list, give us a call, drop us an email or send us a fax and we'll take care of the rest. No matter what kind of errands or chores you need done, we can most likely take care of them for you. No job is too small, too large or too unusual. If you need to do it, then we can help you get it done.

Q: If I sign up for a monthly service package is that the entire cost of the Concierge Service?

A: It depends. Our hourly rates do not include the cost of products or services, postage, long distance charges, third party charges or other such expenses which may be incurred in the performance of your specified duties. All reasonable and necessary expenses incurred in connection with performing the services are billed as incurred.

Q: How are these other expenses paid?

A: All our concierge services are prepaid so our subscribers and customers must maintain an authorized credit card on file and expenses are billed as incurred. Of course, no charges will be made to your credit card without your advance knowledge.

Q: If I sign up for a monthly service package and I don't use all the time, does it carry over to the next month?

A: No - that's why we offer small buckets of time. Time may always be added during a month, but excess minutes do not carry over.

Q: What benefits do I get with an Executive Errands subscription?

A: Each subscriber receives the following:
  • A lower hourly rate
  • A free personal consultation to determine their exact needs
  • Access to the subscribers-only portion of the website where they may view their personal account status and absentee home inspections

Q: What is included in the Absentee Home Check?

A: We have an online electronic 30+ point Absentee Home Checklist that is customized to suit each homeowner’s needs. We create a profile for you and your home so each Checklist is specific for you. When you’re not here, home checks should be performed weekly, but may be on a frequency that supports your Executive Errands account and your budget. We submit the Checklist via an online application while we are at your home and then you’ll receive an email telling you the check is completed. Each homeowner has access to their inspection information online via our website.
Absentee Home Checks include the following (at a minimum):
  • Check appliances
  • Check plumbing - run dishwasher and washing machine, flush toilets, run faucets, empty icemaker
  • Monitor security and check for damage
  • Care for indoor plants
  • Check air conditioning
  • Inspect for water damage
  • Start your car(s) (if appropriate)
  • Check/forward mail, discard junk mail
  • Empty refrigerator/trash
  • Refill golf cart batteries (if appropriate)
  • Inspect for pests
  • Sweep out garage and/or patio (may require extra time)
  • Empty refrigerator of perishables
  • Reset alarms or clocks after power outages or for Daylight Savings time
Other tasks we may do at your request or prior to your arrival or after your departure (if seasonal visitors):
  • Stock the refrigerator
  • Air out the home
  • Cool down/heat up (as necessary)
  • Turn up (or down) the hot water heater
  • Turn on (or off) insta hot appliances
  • Turn on (or off) pool or spa heater
  • Provide home repair oversight (contractor escort, monitoring)
  • Put out or put away patio cushions
  • Put out fresh flowers
  • Check for appliances left running (i.e. humidifiers)
  • Facilitate housekeeping, pressure washing, window cleaning, tile cleaning, AC maintenance, etc (all home maintenance services yearly or seasonally)
  • Facilitate change out of smoke alarm batteries
  • Provide access for service providers (contractors, plumbers, electricians, handymen, etc)

Q: What happens when my subscription expires?

A: All client subscriptions are automatically renewed on the anniversary date of their program in order to avoid any interruption in their services.

Q: Are Executive Errands Concierge Services tax deductible?

A: If you have us do tasks in association with your company or as a personal assistant, then our services may well be tax deductible. In fact, many of our clients do treat our services as an ‘expense’ and therefore as a tax deduction but you should always check with, and take the advice of, your own accountant.

Q: What if I need services for tasks for my home other than labor only – i.e. plumbing or a handyman or a window washer?

A: Executive Errands offers all sorts of One-At-a-Time Services – These are services offered by our Service Providers such as landscaping, auto-detailing, window washers, housekeepers, electricians, etc. We have a large network of Service Providers who are hand-selected and must meet a stringent set of requirements for customer service, ethical behavior and quality. Each Service Provider is insured properly for their particular trade and they all name Executive Errands as additionally insured. No matter what you might need, Executive Errands can most likely get it done.

Q: How do I get access to the Service Provider network and how much does it cost?

A: There are three ways to access our Service Provider network. If you are a regular client (either monthly or on the bulk program), you can just ask us for whatever you need and we’ll get a quote, obtain your approval and get the work done. If you’re not a regular client, you can call us and request a referral and we’ll process it through our website. The other way is you can go directly to our website and click on ‘Contractor Services’ and fill out the services form and the appropriate company will contact you. There are no charges for referrals.

Q: How does Executive Errands make money on referrals if they are free?

A: The Service Providers in our network pay us a nominal referral fee.

Q: How do the Gift Certificates work?

A: Anyone can buy an Executive Errands gift certificate. The minimum block of time is two hours. The hourly rate for gift certificates is $55 (i.e. the minimum gift certificate cost is $110). This is the true ‘one size fits all’ gift and may be given to anyone to redeem as they see fit for our labor Concierge Services. These gift certificates have no cash value and may not be applied toward One-At-a-Time services.

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