What functionality exists in the Concierge Business Solutions application?

— Clients
  • All client info stored
  • All time charged directly to client
  • Supports monthly, on demand, and corporate clients
  • Clients have visibility to their monthly hours logs
  • Clients have visibility to their weekly Home Check reports
  • Supports both USA and Canadian clients
  • They receive an email notifying them the Home Check is complete
  • Monthly clients receive an email receipt for monthly billing
  • Supports multiple hourly rates by client
  • Absentee Home Checklist is done via 'online' form accessible by iPad, iPhone or Laptop
  • Clients have visibility to their Absentee Home Check sheet
  • Clients receive an email telling them the Absentee Home Check is available
— Concierges
  • All concierge info stored
  • Time charges done daily
  • Weekly home check forms are electronic and auto-populated with client info
  • Monthly timesheets are automated
  • Ability for primary and secondary concierge assignments to clients
  • Supports and segregates time by concierge
  • Allows concierge reassignment
  • Supports varying hourly rates for concierge
— Service Providers
  • All service provider info stored
  • Supports three tiers of membership
  • Supports three tiers of referral fees
  • Supports multiple category assignments
  • Supports expiration dates for Liability Insurance
— Referrals
  • Automated
  • Email based – a referral submission sends three emails
    • Email 1 – to client thanking for request and indicating company
    • Email 2 – to service provider with client contact info
    • Email 3 – to merchant services to charge referral fee
    • Copies of all emails are sent to Admin for notification
  • Can be accessed by anyone – don't need to call the home office to process a referral
  • Are free to the requestor
  • Default turnaround is 48 hours but offers priority options
— General
  • Plans and packages can be altered or added
  • Referral fees can be modified
  • Service Categories can be added or modified as needed
  • Ability to include a list of planned communities in your area
  • Discount coupons can be created to give free memberships
  • Mid month new clients (after the 15th) automatically halves minimum hours
  • Vacation package – special four hour minimum
  • Ability to view/modify hours logs for hours and comments only
  • Billing is automated for monthly clients
    • Automatically calculates overages and pre-charges for next month
    • Includes automated invoice – serves as Quickbooks alternative to save time
    • Emails client receipt
    • Charges merchant services
    • Copies email confirmations to Admin
— Reporting Tools
  • Hours by Community
  • Hours by Customer
  • Referral fees by month
  • Credit cards due to expire
  • Memberships due to expire
  • Liability Insurance due to expire
  • Download of all email addresses
  • Download payment history
  • All reports can be viewed online or emailed from the website
  • Downloads go to excel