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    Why choose the Concierge industry for your new business?

    This is a baby-boomer industry that has been growing at an average rate of about 28% per year since 1999. Baby-boomers, above all others, seem to have a realistic view of time and what it costs. As baby-boomers continue in the workforce long past their planned retirement, they increasingly adopt the Concierge lifestyle as by outsourcing their tasks in order to save what little time they do have for leisure activities.

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    Why choose Concierge Business Solutions™?

    The Concierge Business Solutions™ application for automating the administrative functions of a Concierge company is a mature software program. It has been used daily for the last five years for the Executive Errands® company (www.executive-errands.com) and has proven invaluable both for data integrity and as a time-savings tool.

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    Why do I need to automate the administrative functions of a Concierge company?

    It is imperative that your records (i.e. clients, referrals, time collection) are impeccable. Manually tracking all the data associated with a Concierge company is not only laborious, it is easily prone to error. Automation solves many of the issues associated with a growing and multi-functional Concierge company.

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    Why engage Concierge Business Solutions™ consulting services?

    Our consulting services are borne out of real world experience in the Concierge industry. We have created Concierge-specific forms, procedures and templates. We know how to network and advertise a Concierge company and can mentor your Concierge business so that you may best position your company for your particular geographic location.

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    How is CBS system different from other similar applications?

    There are no other applications like the Concierge Business Solutions™ system. Other software companies offer time scheduling applications, but this is the first system that addresses Concierge administrative duties. The Concierge Business Solutions™ system is equally appropriate as an administrative solution for existing companies and as a foundation for new Concierge or Property Management business opportunities. It operates from any device – computer, laptop, iPad or Smart phone.

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A Fully Turnkey System!

Entrepreneurial Spirit. Ambition. Drive. These are just the few of the motivations that entice you into owning a business. The Concierge industry has been growing at an average rate of 28% per year since 2000 – and shows no sign of slowing down.