Are you looking at the words “Metrics Program” and wondering – what the heck is that? In this context, metrics programs are key measurements you track that will tell you if your company is succeeding or failing.

First of all, what we measure improves. It’s a fact. If you’re monitoring a process and your employees know it, we can almost guarantee the process will either stay consistently good or improve. Even if you’re a solopreneur, your processes can benefit from a proper metrics program. We’ve seen it over and over.

Second, by identifying the key measurements for your particular business and by instituting measurements that are exceptions to your goals, you’ll be automatically instituting a management by exception approach that encourages continuous process improvement.

The final piece of the Metrics program is instituting a scheduled review and corrective action policy so that you can whittle the exceptions down month by month (or week by week, whatever your review frequency dictates).

These are keys to a successful and effective Metrics Program. For examples of how Metrics can help your company, look at our Case Studies page.

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