Are you one of the many people who have great ideas and are willing to work hard to start a business but don't have the knowledge or feel unsure about what it takes to actually run a company? Or maybe you're great at customer service and operations, but have no experience in marketing or small business networking.

That's why we're offering How to Start Your Own Business! This six lesson program is designed to give you the basics of business ownership and to help you create a solid foundation for your company.

Even if you've been in business for years, you can benefit from these fundamentals because often experienced entrepreneurs are so busy dealing with the day-to-day process of running their companies, they've forgotten or overlooked opportunities for better efficiency or improved productivity.

How to Start Your Own Business was created by a successful entrepreneur; one who created a company out of nothing and who, a decade later, wanted to help other entrepreneurs help themselves toward their own success.

Each lesson runs approximately an hour and is easy to understand. And, each lesson includes real world examples that help the viewer better relate to the presented concepts and recommendations.

If you own a business or dream of owning a business, you must experience How to Start Your Own Business!

How to Start Your Own Business DVD includes the following lessons:

  • • Customer Service and Quality
  • • Marketing, Advertising, Branding and Communication
  • • Networking for the Entrepreneur
  • • Finance for the Entrepreneur
  • • Time Management, Goal Setting, Motivation
  • • Managing the Growth of your Business

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Course content:

Customer Service & Quality This lesson offers the critical 8 keys to offering and maintaining great customer service and quality control within your company. Included is a paradigm shift for perception of value and how to best insure consistency of process for your business.
Marketing, Advertising, Branding and Communication Unsure of the differences between Marketing, Advertising and Branding? Not sure how to best communicate with your clients and customers? This lesson provides clear and concise instruction on each of these critical promotional activities
Networking for the Entrepreneur If you think networking is attending a mixer and shoving a business card in someone's hand, then this lesson is for you. Learn all about effective networking, how to build relationships, business card etiquette and how to avoid those awkward encounters that sometimes pop up.
Finance for the Entrepreneur Basics of finance for the entrepreneur including AR, AP, GL, Budgeting, Inventory and Metrics measurements
Time Management, Goal Setting, Motivation Owning your own business can be taxing - both emotionally and physically. This lesson explains how to manage your time, how to set and reach goals, as well as the tools necessary for motivation when you're working in a vacuum
Managing Business Growth When it comes to growing your business, there are many factors to consider, including the overall flow of your company, growing pains, delegation, and training; what to do when you hit the 2 year itch and how to plan for your eventual retirement. This lesson covers all those topics and will help the entrepreneur navigate the murky channel of growth

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